About me


Hi! My name is Kamila.

I am a quality engineer at Objectivity in Poland with 5 years of experience in testing. I suffer from Tester Hyperactivity Disorder – I try to be present absolutely everywhere, learn quickly and constantly search for new ways to improve my testing. Some say, that my creativity is boundless. They may be correct because I often create some funny images, written texts for blog or presentations. I believe that nothing is impossible. My motto is “I can not do it? Hold my coffee.”. Despite the critical approach to software, I’m a tireless optimist. Privately my passion is long and short distance travelling.


In 2016 I was challanged with speaking in public and sharing my experience. In the beginning it was hard and full of bumps. Everything changed during Romania Testing Conference in 2017, where speaking litteraly opened the world for me. Now I try to balance the time between gaining the experiences and trying new things with sharing it during conferences.

  • Test Carrots 2016 – “Caring for quality with a smile and a wink” – personal story about introducing changes in team work from “testing and tester as a bottle neck” towards “global quality responsibility”.
  • Quality Excites 2016 – “Crawling towards mirage” – discussion panel about setting up long term and short term goals with benefits it can brings in work.
  • Romania Testing Conference 2017 – “Magic of Chaos: how to remain sane in everyday testing” – summarised things that helps me, and hopefully others, to work in constantly changing environment. [summary]
  • Quality Excites 2017 – “Magic of Chaos: how to remain sane in everyday testing”
  • Belgrade Test Conference 2017 – Keynote “Tester in charge – Judge, jury & executioner” – introduction of testing by comparison to court trial for beginners in testing field. [summary]
  • TestWarez 2017 – “Tester in charge – Judge, jury & executioner” – discussion panel about the role of tester, our responsibilities and risks [summary]
  • Test Leadership Congress 2018 – “Tests in the future” – interactive session about challenges for testing and test leadership that the future may hold based on Westworld TV series. [summary]
  • Targeting Quality 2018 – “Taking testing into court”



This is DragonQA – my avatar in this vast ocean of internet data. You will see her a lot as she will visualize the stories on my blog. I created her myself based on my favourite cartoon – My Little Pony. Hope You like her!

Feel free to reach me anywhere:

LinkedInTwitter ; Facebook

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