About me


Hi! My name is Kamila.

I am a quality engineer at Objectivity in Poland with 4 years of experience in testing. I suffer from Tester Hyperactivity Disorder – I try to be present absolutely everywhere, learn quickly and constantly search for new ways to improve my testing. Some say, that my creativity is boundless. They may be correct because I often create some funny images, written texts for blog or presentations. I believe that nothing is impossible. My motto is “I can not do it? Hold my coffee.”. Despite the critical approach to software, I’m a tireless optimist. Privately my passion is long and short distance travelling.



This is DragonQA – my avatar in this vast ocean of internet data. You will see her a lot as she will visualize the stories on my blog. I created her myself based on my favourite cartoon – My Little Pony. Hope You like her!

Feel free to reach me anywhere:

LinkedInTwitter ; Facebook


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