Testing Cup 2018

Every Testing Cup is different for me. Last year I was both a speaker and a participant. This Year I’ve decided to join the jury committee. The reason for this decision was quite simple – I was curious how one of my beloved events looks from behind the scenes. So buckle up, as I would like to share with You some insights on things that were great, and things that weren’t that good.


  • Speakers

I still think that this conference strength is in inviting world-wide experienced speakers. It was so great to see again Rob, Zeger, Ard, Beren, Rick and Michael. I strongly believe that this makes Testing Cup a conference worth attending even if You are not from Poland. My high hope is to see much more attendees from all corners of the world.

  • Additional opportunities

This year during competition we had speakers assigned for “Helping hand” duty. At one point there was a possibility to bring up Your “exploratory testing” problem to Michael Bolton. I just hoped to see one of the participants to stand up, get to him and ask about test approach or reporting test results of Mr Buggy 😉 This is something completely new for our Polish community and I would like to see more of it.

  • Company


Whenever I think about not-that-good things that happened I always come back to this amazing thing – the company of amazing people. I cannot imagine the better people with which I would be closed in one room for 2 days 🙂 Moreover, I grew to admire more the work of organizers and volunteers as I was a witness to what they face on daily basis during the conference.

  • Competition

I’ve heard a lot good things about this year competition. I consider this an improvement from last year and really hope that people are still honest about what they are saying around me. Any ideas for improvement are more than welcome!


Above You can see winners (both team and individual), jury committee and our amazing event manager Joanna.

Not that good

  • No time to enjoy the conference

This is something I knew from the beginning, and I have no problem with that. Still, I had a little, tiny hope we will be able to see some presentations and talk to participants more. But the amount of found issues was overwhelming and every single person on jury committee was occupied until the last hour. Still, I believe it was worth the effort.

  • Stress

For the first time, I was presenting during opening and closing of the competition. Moreover, I had a 111 seconds lightning talk. I thought those performances would be less stressful than being a full-time speaker… But it was not. I just hope that next time would be better 🙂


  • Technical issues

We indeed had some problems here. Even with a lot of checking and cross-checking technical issues still happened. Both during the competition and conference. I’ve also heard a lot bad things about the acoustics of the rooms. This is something to consider for improvement next year.

  • Secrecy

Something I consider my personal fail. As jury member I was (I think) careful about what I know and what I say. Yet during the after-party, I spiled out “we should have reminded better to not sign in on Test Reports” – which I thought was innocent. It was just making our work harder. Yet it freaked out my friends. I understand that now and I am deeply sorry. This was a harsh reminder to keep my mouth even more shut.


This year Testing Cup began for me very early. As part of jury committee, we started working on competition in September 2017. Since the beginning I was very excited so…

I had this crazy idea in creating Mr Buggy in real life in form of cosy pillows! Of course, after I’ve created the first one I was asked by a family member “Why are You doing tick pillows?”. Only then I realised the resemblance 🙂 So now I have a mascot – one huge Mr Buggy and 4 little ones to keep me company 😉

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