When every test matters

Monday morning I saw on Twitter this brilliant tweet from Rosie Sherry:

And I thought to myself: I couldn’t agree more! I will then just leave it here with a small comment.

I believe that we should arm ourselves with all the weaponry we can get. Then when the time comes we pick up the best approach or test type and we start the fight towards quality. I have this thought in my head that the most skilled testers are those who can adapt to any kind of environment and test it based on risks, requirements, time and money they are provided with.

2 thoughts on “When every test matters

  1. mwyrodek

    Truth is each situation is different – similar to some extent but not the same.
    And we Testers as professionals it is our job to select right tool to right context.

    Rosie is talking about “Test that matters” and that is a MOST important part.

    There is a test that DON’T matter for example. Testing localization for an internal application that is designed to use with one language only. Sure there is value there but Compared to another test one can do they value is minimal.

    TANGENT Have passed you can resume your normal functions 🙂


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