Test:Fest 2018

This year I was lucky. I was only one step away from a disaster. This disaster was not going to Test:Fest conference. I acquired the ticked just two days before the event.This way I didn’t have much time to form the plan for this day. Luckily it wasn’t hard to choose where I should go.

The event started for me with “Feed me again – a few words about feedback” by Łukasz Kmieć. It was short (15 minutes) and funny presentation on a topic very close to me. I think that topic of giving feedback to speakers (and giving feedback at all) should be continued. I’ve heard a brilliant idea during corridor talks. Imagine that instead of giving scores to each speaker attendees were allowed to do 2 things – they should write down expectations for the presentation before it happening and then after it happens they would share (not score!) if their expectations were met and suggestions for improvement. Something to think upon.


Next presentation was made by Erik Hörömpöli “Why you should share what you’ve got – telling tales of testing”. Erik came to us from Budapest, Hungary to share his experience in working with multinational testing teams. It is hard to be the only foreign speaker at the conference, and since I knew that my friend will be talking in English I invited Erik for the discussion panel “Let’s steal from Scientists!” by Macie Wyrodek. There I had the opportunity to do a live demo of sketchnoting and summarise on it the whole discussion. It was awesome!

After this discussion, I returned to presentation to see how “In the world full of mistakes explore like Bear Grylls” presented by Joanna Jeziorska. It was surprisingly interactive speech with some exercises. Joanna presented us some theories on thinking styles (involuntary and intentional thinking) and provided us with a guide how we can use this knowledge in exploratory testing sessions.


Then I returned to discussion panels. I must say that I consider Michał Buczko discussion panel “I am a tester now – building Your own career model” the best experience of Test:Fest (the next-best experience are amazing cakes served at after party <3). The discussion was energetic, funny and inspiring. I know that Michał now has a 5-year plan of becoming Chief Test Officer. Fine, he can have it. I just had a better idea: Chief Test Executor! 🙂


Even with my lack of sleep, I managed to stay until the end and listen to a new presentation “7 Deadlier Sins of Quality” by Tomasz Dubikowski. I do not know better showman than Tomek. He is the predator of the stage. He owns it. Moreover, he uses all kind of geeky stuff in his presentations.


To sum up – Test:Fest is an amazing conference where I feel like home, with many friendly faces and inspirational talks. All this for free and in my home city. I feel very proud to show test:Fest logo everywhere where I go with my coffee mug, power bank, laptop and now – my new socks 😉


My key takeaways:

  • Feedback issue is still here, we need to come up with an idea for fixing,
  • To stay enthusiast I need enthusiastic people around me,
  • During exploration, next step is reactive to the previous one,
  • I am responsible for career model & plan, not my company,
  • Before I start using new tool/process I’ll ask “why?”.

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