Challenge: Welcome 2018!

As 2018 just began I would like to share with You my plans for this year. Last year was 100% focused on public speaking. After 2017 I made a little retrospective and decided to change direction for upcoming 12 months.

DragonQA staring at 2018 with note above her saying challange accepted



My main focus will be this blog. I will follow Rob Lambert guidance and I will sit for half an hour every day (with only minor exceptions) and work on topics in my head. Sometimes it will be just creating a simple draft, sometimes finishing the post and sometimes it will be drawing image for my post. I will even create my own writing spot.

Moreover, I will publish something at least once a week. I was thinking about Thursday so You will have something to read for Friday’s morning coffee πŸ™‚ So expect new content here every Thursday at 4 pm. Just please be aware, that it will not always be on the topic of testing. Sometimes it may post about my trips around the globe or about gun shooting competitions in Poland.

I believe You need to understand why I chose this direction. I really want to share my knowledge, but public speaking is very stressful for me. Not always I was able to receive any feedback from listeners of my presentation. Writing blog will allow me to still share my thoughts and stories without any emotional burden and it will also give You an opportunity to leave a comment – of any kind. I will be grateful for Your time and insight!


Something You probably did not know – I’ve lost more than 3 months of working time due to sick leaves. There were many reasons for my health issues, but I’ve felt really bad about it. I like my job and my employee, so it was hard for me to be away for that amount of time. I found out that body is a fragile element in my life and I need to take care of it better. I can change many things, but I have only one body.

As in many things, I decided to take the Agile route into better health. I’m already on diet with very tasty catering arriving every day at my doorsteps. I’m learning what and how much should I eat. Next step would be removing weekends from catering and cooking for those 2 days myself (based on menus I’ve gathered from catering). Another step will be adding physical activities. And regular checkups with doctors. I hope this will bring some nice results in 2018.


“Helping” is my 2018 word. I want to ask a lot of questions like “How can I help?”, “What can I do for You?”, “Can I join You?” and many more. I want to assist anyone that will reach to me. Moreover, I want to search for persons I can help. Giving people courage, supporting them and learning from those stories is something I look forward to.

I wish this attitude and approach was natural for me. But it wasn’t. So I want to focus on this and give much more effort to it. How? I began with joining the organization of Testing Cup conference and Fantazjada LARP since I do not want this to be narrowed down only to testing. I’ve joined ‘Creative Group’ at work to have more influence on what will be happening within the company. I hope some great stories will come out from all this!

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