Why bother with Twitter?

In many countries, including my own, Twitter isn’t that popular among testers. Therefore I asked and answered myself for the question: Why even bother with Twitter?



1. News from all around the world

Want to know about the call for papers or participant registration start for the conference? Or maybe You are interested in reading some testing stories? What about new testing techniques? Things like this I tend to find on Twitter. With this app, I feel like a part of the worldwide community of testers.

2. Participation in discussion with great minds

All discussions are public. So not only You can agree or disagree with someone’s statement. Someone might as well answer Your tweet. I have a huge problem with hierarchical relationships like speaker-attendee, experienced tester – unexperienced tester, test leader – simple tester, book writer – beginner blog writer. But Twitter is different. I feel like people there are more equal, this is why you can see common folks get the reply from a movie star. This same happens in the testing field. You may as well participate in the discussion between gurus of testing.

3. Problem solving

Feel like stuck with some testing problem? You may try to tweet about it. Just tag some persons and see what happens. You might be really surprised when this well-known person will answer Your tweet with a direction to a book or blog post or a person that may help You.

4. Attending conference remotely

There are many great testing conferences happening all around the globe. I cannot afford to attend in person even one of them. But thanks to Twitter and following right persons I can at least hear my friends stories. They will usually share key takeaways and pictures. Sometimes I may find blog posts with summaries and maybe a link to the presentation. But the best things are Sketchnotes. They really give the idea about the presentation and they make me feel like I am attending the conference remotely.

5. Another time-killer

Nothing interesting on Facebook? Already checked your email twice? Twitter is another time-eating monster that comes to rescue 🙂

3… 2… 1… Start

Well – You register here and setup Your account. It is as simple as that. There was one problem I found at the beginning – how to fill up my twitter with content. Just like any other social media, You need to feed it in order to get the good results.

So here you can find the list of people I follow. Feel free to go through it and follow them as well! I can recommend that list cause I feel I have a pretty damn good news feed. Whenever there is a buzz in the testing world somehow it will get notified by one of my active friends.

The amount above 100 is too much? Fine. Then the essence, the best of the bests, to give You a nice and diverse view. So here it goes:

Beren Van Daele – He is crazy active. And a bit crazy I think.

Angie Jones – She is A*W*E*S*O*M*E.

Cassandra H. Leung – She will sneak Ministry of Testing into Your life.

Jean Ann Harrison – She will give You testing view from the other side of the globe.

Santosh Tuppad – He will remind You to be a good person.

Viktor Slavchev – Having a troll on the list is always a good idea.

Kinga Witko – Polish voice at your news feed.

Michael Bolton – I will not even bother to write why.

I think this should get the job done. They will guide You to the rest of people you should follow 🙂 Have great discussions!

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