TestWarez 2017

Two days of sharing testing knowledge are now over. It was my second adventure with this conference. This time I was invited as a speaker to run a discussion panel upon the topic “Tester in charge – Judge, Jury & Executioner”. I arrived one-day earlier just to have a good night sleep at the hotel. Nothing like this happened – SJSI (conference organizer) prepared the evening with bowling and board games. I love board games so I had amazing introduction even before the conference started officially.


Testwarez took place in Toruń, Poland. We were introduced to new mascot of the conference called ‘Apka’. During the conference, everyone was able to take the picture with a huge walking mascot or with those cute little ones!

Testwarez mascot

For me, those two days ware an opportunity to meet with many friends all around the Poland. I must say that this was the biggest change since Testwarez 2016, where I knew only a few testers. This year I felt surrounded by familiar and friendly faces. I finally get to know some of this mythical “Networking” 🙂

Me and testing friends

BUT! The conference is not only about networking. Testwarez presented us with 5 simultaneous tracks. My personal feeling is that was a bit too much. But it was nothing that could not be solved with a sip of creativity. Almost all presentations were recorded, therefore what was left was to attend the discussion panels and watch the highest rated presentations later 🙂

[Testwarez Conference Hacker]


I will not be able to write here about every single presentation/discussion panel I was a part of. So I will just share 5 of them (You see what I did here? 5 tracks, 5 shares).

The first one I would like to mention was a presentation followed by discussion panel “Why I am a tester?” by Tomasz Osojca. I strongly agree that knowing ‘why’ we do stuff, what motivates us and what is important for us is the first step towards success. During exploration of those topics, I changed the company some time ago and now I feel like I’m in the right place and on the right track. During the discussion panel, we talked about the connection between persons ‘Why’ and tester career. I found few issues that made it hard to discuss and lead to many side discussions:

  • Job position naming (it differs within companies)
  • Responsibilities and roles (they also differs within companies)
  • Tester vs. Test Developer/Automation Tester – hard to compare
  • Projects and Team Setups

Another presentation worth mentioning is “What testers can learn in support?” by Maciej Wyrodek. This speaker should be famous for his barefoot presentations 🙂 While going through the agenda and planning my day I did not want to go for that presentation. Maciej already knows that he should work on his presentation description! His talk was funny, amusing and full of personal stories. It was not reflected in the agenda, so the room was not full. Shame, because I consider this one of the better presentations of TestWarez, even if my sketchnote isn’t that full of content (blame it on my rookie level in sketchnoting).

What testers can learn in support sketchnote

At the end of day 1, I participated in another discussion panel – “How to plan tests to not end up in the dark hole” by Łukasz Pietrucha. The panel was prepared for test leaders/test managers. I was neither of those but still joined in hopes of gaining some knowledge from more experienced ones. I was not disappointed. I was presented with the full guideline of test planning and documentation with some stories like “Bullshit Letter” or documentation in form of mind maps, checklists or pages of flipchart. So if someday I will be asked to start my own project I will probably return to this page.

How to plan tests sketchnote

Day 2 was rather sad for me. During the opening presentation “Tester Joe 2049 – the future of testing craft” I found other examples of my concerns (I raised them in this blog post). Piotr Kuljon, Director of Makeitright company, was talking about the future of testing craft. According to him, the future belongs to automated tests and robotics. The details You may find on sketchnote below.

But what was sadder this was the first presentation I’ve heard with the use (or even abuse) of sentence “Manual Tester”. This is why You may find on my sketchnotes the amount of “little dead kittens”, since every time someone uses this word a little kitten dies in the heart of Michael Bolton. I strongly agree that this is damaging our craft – I will probably dive deeper into this issue somewhere else.

Future of testing sketchnote

But I did not remain sad for a long time. Jędrzej Osiński came to the rescue with his presentation “The power of optimism and agile personal development”. He is a very optimistic person and I strongly agree with every word he said. He shared with us the power of words, an idea of mind diet, body memory trick and agile personal development suggestion. Nothing new to me, but this way I was able to say that every single thing he said really works.

Power of optimism sketchnote

I really enjoyed the conference this year. It was fun, it was full of knowledge and most important – full of other great testers to talk with. I have a huge problem with talking to others. Especially strangers. Yet here is the biggest difference between “bad conference experience” and “good conference experience”, when with any presentations in the background you still have amazing discussions with others.

My performance

During Testwarez again I dressed up in the judge’s robe with my hand-made chain.

Kamila Mrozek by Łukasz Pietrucha

This time it was a discussion panel, not presentation. During Belgrade Test Conference I was talking to students, while here I had a more experienced audience. At BTC I was talking about roles mapping and sharing my story. Here I decided to go deeper and talk about:

  • responsibilities,
  • accountability,
  • playing different roles than “standard one”,
  • assuming software innocent/guilt.

My discussion panel sketchnote

In my opinion, it was great! There was a huge discussion upon each of those topics. I had participants with different experiences and views on presented issues. I think it was the first time I had pure fun during my 45 minutes! I only hope that some things we came up with will stay with my participants 🙂

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