Test Dive 2017

Never heard about this testing conference? Probably because this is a brand new event hosted by Nokia in Kraków, Poland. I had the pleasure to go there with my co-workers as one of 1000 registered testers. This conference was free and hosted by one and only company with the support of few partners.

I would like to start with cons, mainly because there were not many of them 🙂 There was not enough food and drink for attendees. I know this is a free event, yet nothing like this happened at test:fest or Quality Excites. Definitely the place for improvement next year. Next thing was the absence of many testers – with 1000 registered attendees I felt like only half or less was present during the conference and the room during final Keynote was almost empty. Shame on us, testers. Shame.

Now for the pros – Sli.do was a great choice and it was well used. Questions added to the system during the presentation and voting system made the ‘Q&A’ session absolutely stunning. Moreover, each presentation had a customized feedback section (for one presentation there wasn’t even one). From speaker point of view, it is a great opportunity.

For those, who could not attend, there was available live streaming of some presentations. The records are now on YouTube:

“Two Case Studies in Non-GUI Test Automation” by Rex Black
“Non functional testing – how to manage Disaster Recovery” by Wojciech Jaszcz
“Test Automation – step back please” by Grzegorz Latuszek
“Test Automation Pyramid for Large System From Developer’s Perspective Based on Real Example” by Bartosz Kwaśniewski
“Myths of Exploratory Testing” Rex Black

This way You may judge the presentations Yourself 🙂 Sadly the presentations of Isabel Evans were not recorded and they were by far described as most amazing and inspiring from all.

The first presentation that appealed to me was “Test Automation – step back please” by Grzegorz Latuszek. The main message is very universal – not only for test automation. It is good in every field to sometimes stop and take a step back.

Another presentation I enjoyed was “Test automation with a drop of security scanning” by Michał Buczko. Michał is amazing speaker – no doubt here. I found his presentation inspiring and even took a lot of pictures – just in case, I will be able finally to write some automation tests. What I would point out is how impressed I was by his Q&A session. Not only he answered ALL questions asked, but his answers were complete and in point. Well done, Michał.

It would be really bad not to mention “Myths of Exploratory Testing” by Rex Black. Not only he busted few myths but also he provided us with the solution how, in fact, exploratory testing should be done.

Final presentation “TX to prevent “shelfware”: Understanding the tester’s experience” by Isabel Evans had a few surprises for me – the vision of testers wired up by the University of Malta to study our brains. I will have new nightmares since now on… I also found out I am an Innovator! Look at this vocabulary:

This gives me a new weapon to work with others. Another new thing learned about myself and others. Also with some deep warning to be careful in the use of automation tools, since they can sometimes make us simply lazy.

This event was a day well spent. I was able to meet other friends in my field and even had time for a few conversations. I strongly recommend to not only to follow what will be prepared for Test Dive 2018 but maybe convince Your company to participate in it.

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