Testing Cup 2017

Testing Cup has a special place in my heart. It was my first paid conference (and I paid for it with my own money!). My first championships ever. My inspiration. Exactly one year ago during Testing Cup 2016, I went for Zeger Van Hese presentation “Testing in the Age of Distraction”. I loved it and it gave me a kick for doing my own presentation “Magic of Chaos”.

This year I had three roles to play during the conference: contestant, speaker and ordinary participant. Therefore I will divide this summary for every role I played:

The contestant


The championships demanded of me something impossible. It required 100% focus and 180° turns in my mindset. I was not prepared for that.

MrBuggy appeared in the form of test data management tool. When I first saw the 29 pages of specification my first thought was ‘this is impossible to test!’. And yet – there it was. Additionally, we needed to create a test plan. This was something I expected since there was a bit of mystery around the documentation part.

Basically, I was not happy with my performance. I spent too much time on creating the test plan and I forgot about the characters limitation (only 4000 characters). As I mentioned I could not change my mindset into reporting as many defects as I could (since there were no more negative points for duplicated issues & non-defects). I was also unlucky with choosing the parts of software for testing. For the first time, my intuition was wrong 🙂 After the competition for the first time, we were given the chance to score our reports and then reports of other participants. It was great. It gave me a nice insight into the committee work and appreciation for what they are doing. On the other hand, I did not fully use the opportunity given by the committee to challenge their notes. By mistake, I blocked my reports. Somehow this mistake was good for me – I was then able to focus on the conference and enjoy the rest of the day. While I could see other contestants frustrated, struggling with committee notes and challenges.


To sum up – every year we have a different challenge. Only those, that give 100% of themselves can get to the top. I wasn’t one of them. This makes me even prouder of my colleague – Patryk Hemperek – who is the new vice-champion!

The speaker


When I first got the email, that I was accepted as a speaker I did not believe that. I even asked Alek (one of programme committee) why did they choose me. It was a great surprise and even greater responsibility. The topic of my presentation was “How to tame your Testing Cup?” and I was talking about last years Testing Cup championships. I explained how I prepared for them, what was my approach and my mindset and how this is mapping into everyday testing. I even added some additional comments from this year’s competition. Basically – I shared where I failed this year 🙂

If you want you can find my presentation recording here but please be aware that this is only in polish. I will try to add some translation subtitles later.


How did I do? I know that again I was not happy with my performance. You might be surprised, but I do not feel comfortable while speaking in polish. Yes, I know, I should be. But I feel better while speaking in English. I’m a weirdo. And yet a great thought – I am no longer paralysed by the thought of speaking in public. No more mini-heart-attacks before the presentation. Finally, I’m fine with speaking at the conference. Yey!

Ordinary participant

18952665_10154932734629440_37469963806785783_nIt wasn’t easy for me to be an ordinary participant of Testing Cup. As you know – I already had 2 roles to play. And yet I found time to enjoy the after party. Amazing club, next to the beach with breathtaking sunset and fire show will be something I’ll cherish in my memory.

Of course, the after party was not the only thing I enjoyed as a participant. I gathered new inspirations during amazing talks by Peter Madsen (I will visit his workshop for sure) and Ben Simo (he came all the way from the United States to us!). I was also lucky enough to take part in Rick Tracy workshop “Is it a puzzle or is it a mystery?”. It was so much fun!



I think that Testing Cup is one of the best conferences in testing in Poland. They were the first to bring us closer to the world stage. They invited a lot of well-known persons in the testing world community and allowed the participants to hear them and work with them (with the price of the ticket remaining this same as last year).

I’m grateful that I was allowed to be a huge part of this conference. 3 roles to play – that is a lot. It was a hell of a ride, emotionally devastating and yet – at the end of the day – amazingly satisfying 🙂 Well done Testing Cup Crew. Keep on improving!


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