The Dojo – become testing ninja

Dojo (道場) is a Japanese term which literally means “place of the way”. In the Western world, the term dōjō primarily refers to a training place specifically for Japanese martial arts such as aikido, judo, karate, or samurai.


Why I bring this up? Because I found this amazing place, created by the Ministry of Testing:

The Dojo – Ninja training for software testers and testing

When you join this platform you have two options: either you are a basic user or a pro. Professional account cost about £249.99/year, but do not worry – even with a basic account, you gain access a lot of the content presented in Dojo.

In my opinion, this is a well-written base of testing knowledge. There are even some lessons there. I would recommend it for all testers at the beginning of their career. You can find there all kind of topics: automation, security, performance, web testing and much more. So join me in testing martial art training to fight code crime 🙂

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