Denmark 2010

The turn of the year 2009 and 2010 I spent studying in Horsens, Denmark. I was mainly learning (in contrary to the most common opinion about the Erasmus project). I was able to choose a lot of fascinating lectures and projects with great people from all over the world.

But once I passed the last exam I jumped with my parents into a car and set off to conquer Denmark.

Vejle & Odense

We decided to start with the charming city – Vejle. It is a beautiful harbor town with an old mill, which is also a symbol of this city.

Then we moved to Odense. It is one of the oldest Danish cities – founded in 988. Here in 1805, Hans Christian Andersen was born and here is his family home and a museum of his work.

Egeskov castle

The magnificent castle built on the water at the time of the European Renaissance. The castle stands on oak stilts submerged in a small lake with a maximum depth of 5 meters. According to the legend, to build these impressive foundations an entire forest of oak trees had to be cut down – hence the name Egeskov (oak forest).


The biggest surprise is within the castle walls. Inside we can find halls filled with hunting trophies. Moving further we find old, decorated trunks and other pieces of furniture. This makes an impression as if the owners from Renaissance-era invited us to visit their home…

The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens. In surrounding buildings, we can find a stud and a vast museum collection of:

  • Vintage cars
  • Antique motorcycles
  • History of agriculture
  • Flying vehicles
  • Emergency vehicles

One day is not enough to fully appreciate this place. I think this is the most beautiful castle (and the environment), which I had the opportunity to watch. More you can read here.


While traveling around Denmark we could not miss its capital. We stayed in the hotel for one night so we could have one whole day of sightseeing. Our target was the symbol of this city – little mermaid. I admit that I was amazed by the amount of different kind of sculptures, gardens, and parks – in the beating heart of the city.


When we finally arrived at the destination we found only the empty space. What happened? Renovation? Theft?

No. As it turned out the little mermaid went for a trip to Shanghai for Expo 2010.

Luckily that was my plan for the holidays. Two weeks in China with a little stop in Shangai for exactly this exhibition. I solemnly swore to myself to see the mermaid on the exile.


In this same harbor, we were able to find our Polish STS Fryderyk Chopin. It is an impressive brig-rigged ship. This kind of ship was favorite selection by pirates in their time, because they could achieve great speed. His homeport is the city of my birth – Szczecin. It was really great to see Polish flag and Polish crew during our voyages abroad 🙂

Kronborg castle


This impressive fortress today is remembered for two legendary personas.

First one is the Prince of Denmark – Hamlet from William Shakespeare’s tragedy. In the tragedy, the castle is known as “Elsinore”, which is actually the anglicized name of the surrounding town of Helsingør.


The second one is Danish king known as Holger the Dane. His statue can be found in the castle. According to a legend linked to the Arthurian myth, he was taken to Avalon by Morgan le Fay. He returned to rescue France from danger, then traveled to Kronborg castle, where he sleeps until he is needed to save his homeland.

Frederiksborg castle

Frederiksborg Castle is a former royal residence, situated on the west shore of Lake Slotssøen. It consists of four parts: three of them (the ward, the castle and the king’s residence) are each located on separate islands. On the mainland is a vast and impressive garden.

Despite the severe damage caused by the fire in 1856, the castle retained its fantastic architecture and its former decorations. This way we were able to admire the huge gilded rooms, beautiful decorations, sculptures in the passages and the décor of individual rooms (with musical instruments, dollhouses and much more).

Givskud Zoo

The last place we visited was Givskud Zoo. It was a fascinating place where we were able to move around the entire park by car. At this time animals walked slowly around us. This way we were able to experience such fascinating views as a giraffe peeking through the sunroof of another car.

Sounds interesting? We even drove by car through the homestead for lions. The awareness that only the glass window separates us from these big cats is priceless. In our case, the beautiful lioness lay just next to the road to our admiration.

We this ZOO at the time the garden was full of young representatives of various species. The whole Zoo made a huge impression on us.

However, I can not imagine such park in Poland. In Denmark when there is a sign “You are not allowed” it is not allowed and people follow the signs. The entire Zoo is based on certain prohibitions that ensure the safety of both visitors and animals. Unfortunately, our nation has a tendency to break the rules and therefore I do not see such a park in Poland.

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